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From Texas to Sweden.
A family business extending borders.

We have dedicated ourselves to crafting replacement car seat covers of the highest quality and with sustainability at the heart of every piece.

Our Story

DSA Seat Factory was founded in 2005 by three old friends and entrepreneurs. Our guiding idea is to prolong the lifetime of premium cars by developing and crafting replacement seat covers and delivering them to car-owners all over the world with personalized service. We want to be more than just a store; DSA Seat Factory aims at changing how you experience your ride, and how you look at your car and sustainability.

At DSA Seat Factory, our philosophy is built on the firm belief that every car trip should be exceptional. We understand that the essence of driving extends beyond mere transportation; it’s a personal connection, an experience of comfort, and a journey of moments. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting replacement car seat covers that elevate these experiences to the highest level of perfection.

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Master Leather Craftsman Stitching Replacement Car Seat Covers at DSA Seat Factory

“We aspire to be industry leaders, pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards for excellence in car interiors by prioritizing traditional craftsmanship and sustainability.”


Our Car Seat Covers

At DSA Seat Factory, we understand the importance of precision and authenticity. Our products are not just close approximations; they are exact matches in every detail – fitment, color, grain, and stitching – mirroring the original covers of your vehicle to perfection. We proudly source our materials from the leading suppliers in the US, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability. What truly sets our seat covers apart is the meticulous care with which they are crafted. Each piece of material is handpicked by our team of expert craftsmen and -women, all of whom bring years of experience and an unmatched eye for detail to every project. When you choose our seat covers, you are not just getting a replacement; you are reclaiming the original essence and comfort of your vehicle.

To give our customers seat covers that mirror the originals and that last long, we source from suppliers that deliver top-grade, US-made leathers and matching vinyl materials. Every material we use is handpicked by us, guaranteeing durability, quality and ease of installation.

Our Comprehensive Library

At DSA Seat Factory, we have developed a comprehensive library of car seat model patterns as well as sample materials and colorways. Our comprehensive product range includes thousands of car seat models and is constantly updated to resonate with current carpools in our respective markets. With our collection spanning from the most common materials and colorways to more unique and rare ones, we strive to meet and exceed every customer’s expectation. Finding the perfect match has never been easier!

Made with Love in America’s Top Factory

Every one of our car seat covers is made in our factory in Houston, Texas. Being based in USA, we can assure that our production follows all American standards for labor and environmental practices. We strongly believe that people are the heart of our company and the reason for our success. By having our production in-house, we can guarantee good working conditions for our employees, in terms of the psychosocial environment, the workplace culture and in offering salaries that allow our employees to live well. We pride ourselves with having loyal employees, many of whom have been with us since the start.

Find Us

Head Office

DSA Seat Factory
Vasavägen 78
181 41 Lidingö
+46 8 559 25 449

The US Factory

DSA Seat Factory
7045 Bintliff Drive
Houston, TX 77074
+1 (833) 732-8487

United Kingdom

DSA Seat Factory
321-323 High Road
Chadwell Heath
Essex RM6 6AX
United Kingdom
+44 20 3286 9646


DSA Seat Factory
Hermannstraße 22
20095 Hamburg
+49 40 99999-3251

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