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A testament to precision, durability and a circular mind-set.

Resource-Efficient Production and Waste Reduction

The journey begins when a customer places an order for a car seat cover. Since all production is done on demand, we have no overproduction, no dead stock and no huge warehouses. Every car seat cover is completely unique and is exclusively made for each individual customer. This creates a more sustainable and responsible production chain.

We strive to make our production as resource efficient as possible. We cut all material by hand to minimize wastage.

Sustainable Materials

We produce car seat covers that have the highest possible quality and that are made to last; we strive to be even better than the original. This means providing a durable product, able to withstand wear and tear. Our material suppliers have been carefully selected and share our values; our team is constantly looking for new and innovative materials that are produced with sustainable production techniques using recycled or otherwise sustainable raw materials.

For leathers, we primarily work with vegan leathers, which have several positive aspects from a sustainability perspective, apart from animal welfare. Vegan leathers are often made from synthetic or plant-based materials and typically have a substantially lower environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, chemical pollution, and energy consumption. For those car models that do require real leather to match the original, we find leather of the highest quality.

When souring fabrics, we choose industry leaders like Alcantara, whose renowned proprietary material not only is a symbol of Italian craftsmanship but also a benchmark in environmental stewardship.

When sourcing impact foam and vinyl materials, we primarily turn to American companies that stand out for their commitment to sustainability and where manufacturing is aligned with eco-friendly practices.

As the automotive industry rapidly transitions to fossil-free fuels and recyclable materials, DSA Seat Factory is at the forefront, continually expanding our product line to include car seats tailored for electric car makes and models.

“We believe in fixing, repairing and upgrading rather than in throwing out and buying new. But we never compromise on quality and always strive to create the ‘new-car’ feeling without having to buy a brand-new vehicle.”

Less than 1% Returns

We want you to receive the correct cover for your car, and this is why we spend time on assuring that we have all the information; we ask you to send photos of your car seat and details about your model to ensure that we do everything right from the beginning. Online sales often result in a high volume of returns, significantly impacting the environment negatively. Because of our close communication with the customer before an order is confirmed, we are able to deliver the correct product each time. Although we offer a free and straightforward return policy, our return rate remains below 1%. Our goal is to eliminate returns entirely, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

We partner with leading international logistics companies, such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx for our international deliveries. These partners align with our dedication to sustainability, actively seeking and implementing strategies to minimize their environmental footprint.

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